On the road again……In search of Passion!

There has never been more frustration when you should go out and explore the world and don’t than when you want to but can’t

John Duffill
Young passion fruit tendrils

Finally, after weeks of being unable to venture any further than the local shop, and only then for “essential” purchases, we are on the road resuming somewhat normal activities.

The countryside seems somewhat different. Greener, brighter and so so open. It is amazing what being cooped up indoors does to your sense of what reality is. You forget about been able to see for miles, forget about the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. I think basically to sum it up…….IT FEELS FANTASTIC TO BE OUTSIDE AGAIN IN THE COUNTRYSIDE.

So what are we doing? Where are we going?

Well we have decided to go on the hunt for a preferred partner to support out passion fruit project. It has been somewhat “hit and miss” over the years to be able to get a good stable supply. One due to the lack of growing know how here in Vietnam but also mainly due to lack of plant quality and consistency. Growing techniques, climate conditions, excessive use of pesticides also contribute to the limited success in the past

Climb up to the highlands in central Vietnam

Traditional methods of using low slung wire structures, usually just over a metre in height, are commonly used. This can cause various issues of humidity, bad pesticide applications, difficult disease control etc. The final result being one of low yield, poor quality and ultimately risks to food safety due to excessive phytosanitary control methods.

Other methods that are slowly being adopted include hedge methods and “Y” shaped supports. These offer various advantages to the grower, improving accessibility to the Crop, easier applications, better control and yields but however there is still the big question of capacity building for these growers. Good sound advice is hard to come by and support is virtually non existent, this is in part due to passion fruit being a relatively new Crop in Vietnam.

There is great potential if we can find the right supplier to develop together in this crop. We have the advantage to be able to deliver year round provided programs are in place. So what is there to exchange…….. just time,effort and good cooperation 😊

So keep subscribed to see developments on our passionate journey.

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