Drinking coconuts from Ben Tre. The “Capital” of Coconuts.

With vast farms of green coconut trees, Ben Tre Province is considered to be the Capital of coconuts In Vietnam. For the local people, coconut trees have a special place in their cultural life as well as the economic development process.

Coconut tree (Cocos Nucifera L.) can be as high as 30m, growing well on heavy soils with good resistance to salinity. It is a type of crop with a strong economical value, as all parts of the fruit and coconut stem are used as raw materials for a wide variety of products. The coconut has a hard shell with soft flesh inside with the coconut water contained in the centre.

Coconut flesh is focused on maximum extraction to squeeze oil as raw materials for foods, cosmetics, bi-fuels, paints,… Coconut milk is a healthy and nutritious beverage, while the shell, stem, fibrous husk and leaves have many different uses such as making activated charcoal, handicrafts, household goods, carpets and combustible fuels.


John Crop Development Vietnam has been working for many years in the development of Coconuts from the area and in conjunction with a local farmer has helped him develop the production, harvesting, packing and export to markets Globally.

We have now arranged a partnership with QSL Group to develop this even further and engage with other markets adding not only agricultural expertise and technology but size of scale and financial security and outlook for the farmers in the area.

Mr Hien started his journey 35 years ago as an ordinary farmer. Over the years he has developed well with the help of his family, guidance from professional bodies in the fruit industry and a long term relationship with John Crop Development Vietnam

Mr Hien is always looking to improve his knowledge of agronomy and farm husbandry, being proactive to use the most up to date techniques , improving both the farming and the quality of the fruit.

John Crop Development Vietnam has partnered up with visible.digital to work with their grower base to put in a digital solution for traceability. visible.digital’s Chain of  Trust © enables a fair relationship between all players in the value chain to eliminate operational inefficiencies and serve the common good.

It also allows us to be more efficient and provide better services to our clients and the growers that work with us. Enabling a more secure, trustable and transparent supply chain globally

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