John Crop Development International Ltd

Auditing, Supply Chain, HACCP, Agronomy Services to benefit your business from the ever increasing demands of you Customers.

Procedural based assessments

We will do an indepth analysis of all the requirements to comply with your customer requirments.

HACCP: Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point

Analysis of the business & product risks

Production of risk assessments or full HACCP plans for both Farm and Factory

Quality Management Systems

Design and implementation of generic or bespoke Quality Management Systems.

These can be product specific or business focused depending on customer requirements

Supply Chain Management Consulting

Organizational assessment and interventions to optimize effectiveness of the supply chain.

This would also be incorporated during a full Value Chain Review

Practical Assessments

More hands-on assessments to get you implementing change

Multilingual Technical Systems

All documents we produce are tailored to the country they will be used in, thus bilingual translations of all key documents are provided. English, Spanish, French and Vietnamese

Ethical Assessments

Help your business look at the way your Ethical-trading covers the guidelines and any points that you may need to cover for your customers.