The Ever Given Has Spawned An Unholy Legal Mess

The Ever Given Has Spawned An Unholy Legal Mess

Ever Given passing eventually through the Suez Canal

Although the Ever Given has sailed and departed from the Suez Canal and supposably is now at its destination in Rotterdam what are the consequences for the companies that have cargo aboard.

Fresh produce is obviously completely unusable and will have to be claimed for again any maritime insurance.

Dry goods and other product that can still be sold is ok but what about the loss of profits for those businesses?

Who is going to pick up the bill?

In my research, I already know that the owners have asked the court in the UK for a 2-month delay on any claims from this vessel. Is that just? Is that correct?

Personally, I had two containers that were affected by this incident, one that waited patiently behind the Ever Given and one that was rerouted via the Cape. Our Freight carrier, fortunately, was always very proactive in any communication and the final responses to the delayed cargo, however, this is not always the case.

Many Shippers, face very big issues where they do not have communication, response, or any proactive work done by their carriers. 

We cannot, as small businesses are left with our hands tied to the mercy of these big giants who have a team of lawyers and insurance assessors in their hands.

What is the answer?

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